Want to buy Twitter followers? We did it so you don't have to. (2023)

Want to buy Twitter followersto show social validation and traction with your account?

Of course, you want to get more Twitter followers… and you want them NOW!

We’re configured to run with the speed of technology and we don’t want to wait for anything… even less to build a real and targeted following on Twitter.

Quantity is not the only vanity metric – you have to pursue quality along with the quantity to grow your Twitter account, find leads, win prospects, and sell more on Twitter.

But, you have to be cautious with growth:

“Growth for the sake of growth is the ideology of the cancer cell.” (Edward Abbey)

Take care of the health of your Twitter account while growing your following.

We wanted to know how a Twitter account behaves during and after purchase Twitter followers, so you don’t have to compromise your own account.

So, we created a fresh Twitter account with no previous tweets, followers, or interactions so we could track isolated stats.

Also, we crafted 12 tweets to be published, 6 before and 6 after purchasing the followers.

Want to know how it looks to buy Twitter followers?

Stay with me and decide for yourself if it’s safe, or smart, to buy Twitter followers.

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Why buy Twitter followers?

Everyone wants more followers on Social Media, from newbies to the most relevant influencers in the industry.

(Video) How to Buy Twitter Followers - Best SM Panel for buying Twitter Followers in 2022

The reasons why users want more followers are diverse, but the core psychology behind having a large following on social media is the same: social proof and validation.

An account with a large follower count will be more attractive and spark intrigue for a potential follower that will feel be likely to tap the follow button.

More followers should correlate with more engagement, but as we’ll demonstrate this isn’t true when you buy Twitter followers.

Fake it till you make it won’t help you with interactions when buying Twitter followers and you’ll only lose money in the long run.

How do you buy Twitter followers?

You won’t need to surf the deep web to find services to buy Twitter followers.

A quick Google query and you’ll find that there are tons of sites that offer Twitter followers, starting at $12 and as high as $49.

Want to buy Twitter followers? We did it so you don't have to. (2)

For our experiment, we analyzed 3 different services.

Option A (1,000 followers – $49)

Their marketing site, from a design and user experience perspective, doesn’t make us feel confident to pass our credit card information.

This was the expensive service and the only one that was sincere with what they were offering: bot accounts.

That means that the accounts you could purchase from Option A are artificial accounts.

So, don’t expect any interaction if you purchased followers from this site.

Since we wanted to track interactions, we didn’t consider this option.

Option B (1,000 followers – $12)

This was our second stop, the marketing website seems slightly more legit than Option A, but still lacks validators for us to feel confident.

We decided to give this option a try, but when clicking on the Buy Now button we’re redirected to another domain and the redirected site didn’t have an SSL certificate.

So, our purchase won’t be safe on that domain: we are out!

Option C (1,000 followers – $ 15.99)

Although it lacks some validators like real testimonials or PayPal as a payment option to let you feel more secure, from a marketing perspective this site is the one that seems more real between the ones that we analyzed for this experiment.

The site design looks clean and well structured, they sell services from a wide range of social media platforms and that lets us feel that they have a real business around the platform.

We were looking for a fast delivery of our followers, but the ‘Natural Delivery’ and the delay in the delivery (2-8 days) feels like we’ll be receiving real followers.

Lastly, when we clicked on purchase, we were redirected to Fondy, a payment platform from the EU. So, if some problem arises with our purchase we could contact Fondy to help recover our money.

We’re good to go with our experiment, let’s buy those 1,000 followers!

What happened when we decided to buy Twitter followers?

We picked Option C as our provider to purchase our 1,000 followers for $15.99.


The purchase flow was very straight forward:

  • Insert our Twitter username @feedalchemy
  • Insert an email
  • Since we didn’t have the option to use Paypal, we decided to use a prepaid credit card.

Even though the purchase amount in all the steps was $15.99, the final amount deducted from our credit card was $17.70.

This could be because we are outside the EU area. Not a big deal, but certainly could be addressed earlier in our purchase.

Want to buy Twitter followers? We did it so you don't have to. (3)

We hit the buy button on Monday at 10:00 AM and after 50 minutes the followers started to arise.

Want to buy Twitter followers? We did it so you don't have to. (4)

We didn’t have any followers and we already have six tweets with tips to help you grow your Twitter audience.

None of those tweets had previous interactions when we purchased the followers.

How do your purchased followers look?

After 7 days, most of the followers were delivered.

The timing was as promised and the followers were delivered on separate periods of time to prevent drawing Twitter’s attention.

Want to buy Twitter followers? We did it so you don't have to. (5)

We were curious – who were these new followers? Do they seem real? Is there a chance to obtain more from this audience?

Just by seeing the profile image, bio or follower count we realized that all of them were fake accounts:

Want to buy Twitter followers? We did it so you don't have to. (6)

Also, we conducted an analysis with Sparktoro’s audit tool to see how many of our new followers were considered fake.

According to Sparktoro’s algorithm, 48% of our followers were spam/bot/non-active:

Want to buy Twitter followers? We did it so you don't have to. (7)

How do they interact with your tweets?

After the delivery of our first 905 followers, we rolled out a session of six new tweets.

We wanted to compare the performance of these new tweets against the previous 6 ones.

These are the stats of the tweets published for our newly purchased audience:

Want to buy Twitter followers? We did it so you don't have to. (8)

Want to buy Twitter followers? We did it so you don't have to. (9)

(Video) What Happens When You Buy 1 Million Twitter Followers

Want to buy Twitter followers? We did it so you don't have to. (10)

Want to buy Twitter followers? We did it so you don't have to. (11)

Want to buy Twitter followers? We did it so you don't have to. (12)

Hint: Owlead gained followers increase your engagement.
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Why you shouldn’t buy Twitter followers

Our assumptions were real, when buying Twitter followers you’ll get just a number that could help you trick a few potential new followers.

But the educated Twitter users (the ones that interact and could actually be potential customers) tend to analyze more aspects of your account to decide if they will follow.

They will take a closer look at:

  • Pinned tweet, and the interactions it has.
  • Last 5 tweets to see if your content is valuable.
  • Engagement rate, interactions vs audience. It doesn’t seem to be a legit account with millions of followers and less than ten interactions.
  • Audience profiles and see if they seem legit, or you have mutual followers.

As a resume, your account won’t receive any other positive impact than the increase in the following number.

Engagement won’t improve, purchased followers are bots that won’t interact with your account.

With no engagement (retweets, likes, quotes) your account won’t have more exposure to gain new REAL followers.

You’ll be at the same place as you were when you started on Twitter, the only difference will be the 1,000 zombies following your account.

Lastly, but not least, your account is at risk by gaming the system. If you’re caught and your account is compromised you won’t have much to do other than start over from square one, 0 followers.

Stay with me to see how to gain real and targeted followers the fastest way possible, and in the right way…

How to grow your Twitter followers the right way (EFFORTLESSLY)

Now that you know that having a large number of followers is nothing without the quality and engagement of those followers, we are going to show you how to gain real and targeted Twitter followers with a auto follow strategy with our Twitter auto follower.

Growing your followers isn’t just a one-day growth hack that you can tackle.

“Fake it till you make it doesn’t pay off on Twitter if you’re on Twitter for the long run.”

All of the aspects of your Twitter account have to be perfectly aligned to wait for your potential followers.

(Video) How We Gained 3,000 Twitter Followers in 30 Days | Top Tips You Can Follow

Want to master Twitter? Take care of these tasks:

  • Have a legit profile.
  • Tweet like a pro.
  • Engage with others.
  • Promote your account.
  • Make your website/blog work for you.

But, here is the kicker: even though you mastered the above points, you could still feel that you’re falling short in growth.

Want to know the best part? Organic growth can be boosted and our Twitter follow bot has been working on it over the last 4 years for more than 5,000 customers in more than 10 countries.

How? Simple…

Following is the most effective and thrifty way to promote your business and gain followers.

It gets better: Owlead knows how to do it for a targeted audience on autopilot and without missing a single day working as your Twitter automation.

Owlead is a Twitter growth service to automate the following and unfollowing tasks on Twitter.

The platform lets you define a targeted audience based on:

  • Your competitors
  • Keywords of interest
  • Language
  • Localization

After you define your filters and with a proprietary algorithm, Owlead will define your target audience by taking into account: activity, value, and the likelihood of following back.

Owlead will follow 50 valuable Twitter accounts from your audience for your account per day and will auto-clean up your non-followers in the process.

Thanks to the reciprocity principle, your account will start gaining real Twitter followers.

You might be wondering: How many followers can I gain with Owlead?

Want to buy Twitter followers? We did it so you don't have to. (14)

Not yet convinced of the power of Owlead as a marketing tool?

Here is the deal: go ahead and start a 10-day free trial and make your own conclusions.

Owlead: the best alternative to buy Twitter Followers.
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Our very own Twitter growth service that helps you gain real, targeted and organic Twitter followers on autopilot. Increase engagement. Meet the most affordable way to increase your twitter followers. Less than 1 minute to set up.

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Can you really buy Twitter followers? ›

Yes, you can buy real Twitter followers from legit websites that offer organic Twitter growth services. These followers that you are buying are real people who are genuine and active users with authentic Twitter profiles, so they can like your tweets, leave comments, and retweet them with other users.

Will Twitter ban you for buying followers? ›

Buying fake twitter followers can get your account deleted or banned. Twitter's terms of service make it very clear that buying fake followers isn't allowed, and that any accounts breaking this rule can be suspended or even deleted at Twitter's discretion.

How can I get 1000 followers on Twitter for free? ›

How to get 1000 people to follow you on Twitter fast
  1. Tweet frequently. ...
  2. Optimize posting time. ...
  3. Post visual content often. ...
  4. Utilize hashtags wisely. ...
  5. Get engaged with the audience. ...
  6. Create a welcoming profile. ...
  7. Draw in followers outside of Twitter. ...
  8. Use bio and location.

Does buying followers hurt? ›

However, keep in mind that buying followers is against Instagram's terms of service, so the price you pay could be more than monetary. Buying followers could cost you your Instagram account, at worst, and a decrease in engagement and reach, at best.

Is buying followers a crime? ›

No. Buying Instagram followers is not illegal. If you are buying Instagram followers, you are not doing anything against the law. This is why many Instagram influencers and bloggers purchase followers to boost their follower count.

Will my account get deleted if I buy followers? ›

Will Instagram close your account if you purchase followers? No. Instagram will not close your account if you buy followers. Tens of thousands of people are purchasing followers every month from the 20 best sites to buy Instagram followers that are real and active, and no one gets their account closed.

What happens if you buy Twitter followers? ›

If you buy fake Twitter followers, they will not help you grow your profile or engage with other users. These empty robot accounts cannot interact with your content as a real human does.

Do you lose followers after buying them? ›

You may lose the followers you purchased. Needless to say, depending on where you bought them from, this could be a potential financial disaster for your business. High-end providers of followers and auto likes charge premium prices, but they issue no refunds if something goes wrong on your end.

How do you get 10000 followers fast? ›

How do I get 10K followers on Instagram?
  1. Collect the foundation followers. ...
  2. Content consistency and regular posting. ...
  3. Make your profile optimized. ...
  4. Benefit from similar content of the most successful competitors. ...
  5. Schedule your posting. ...
  6. Keep your audience constantly engaged. ...
  7. Use Instagram Followers Apps to your benefit.
1 Nov 2022

How do you get 10K followers on Twitter fast? ›

5 Super Useful Tips to Build 10,000 Twitter followers
  1. #1 Find Your Right Audience.
  2. #2 Build and Leverage Twitter Lists.
  3. #3 Follow First to be Followed.
  4. #4 Value Your Hashtags.
  5. #5 Engage With Audience.
  6. Conclusion.

Can you buy actual followers? ›

Yes, you can buy followers on Instagram from a wide range of sites at different price points, such as $10 for 1,000 followers. However, these followers typically aren't real, and they're either bots or inactive accounts that won't actually engage with your profile.

How do I get 1.000 followers? ›

Along with the three items listed above, you'll also want to include hashtags.
  1. Optimize posts with relevant hashtags. ...
  2. Lean into trending content formats. ...
  3. Post content your followers want to see. ...
  4. Promote your Instagram. ...
  5. Engage with users through follows, likes, and comments.
2 Aug 2022

What is the 5000 rule Twitter? ›

Every Twitter account can follow up to 5,000 accounts. Once you reach that number, you may need to wait until your account has more followers before you can follow additional accounts. This number is different for each account and is automatically calculated based on your unique ratio of followers to following.

How do I get fake Twitter followers? ›

Social Viral. The first service on our list is Social Viral – a marketplace where you can buy real Twitter followers with fast delivery. With Social Viral, all you need to do is pick one of its affordable Twitter packages (starting at $2.99 for 50 followers) and your account will receive a boost within 12 hours.

How can you tell if someone has fake followers? ›

Look for these red flags: Followers with No Photos or Posts: If an influencer is followed by users that have not posted and/or lack a profile picture, you can typically assume that these followers are fake. Brands should also look out for influencers with followings of tons of private accounts and “spammy” usernames.

How much does buying followers cost? ›

For “Premium” followers, who are guaranteed to be real people interested in your content, the cost is $11.99 for 500 followers, $19.99 for 1,000, $46.99 for 2,500, and $68.99 for 5,000. You can buy from 100 to 5,000 followers, which is not as broad a range as most competitors.

Do fake followers affect reach? ›

Fake Followers Kill Your Reach

This causes bad engagement (as described above) which leads to less reach. If no one likes your posts, Facebook and other social networks take notice. The algorithms are quick to show your content to even less of your followers.

Where is it safe to buy followers? ›

The top pick on our list is Twicsy. With thousands of positive reviews on TrustPilot and recommendations from leading media outlets such as Men's Journal and US Weekly, Twicsy is a well-established and reputable site for buying Instagram followers of the best quality.

Can you report someone for buying followers? ›

The best thing to do if you know a profile has fake followers is to report them to the social platforms. Report each account as spam, which will also block them. This means their account will be reviewed, and quite possibly deleted.

How can you tell if someone bought their followers? ›

You will be able to look at their recent follower history and if they've added a large chunk in one day, you'll know they probably bought them. No one randomly adds 10,000 followers in one day. Also look at their follower growth, if they're constantly dropping followers, it's most likely because they're fake.

How much is 1k followers on Instagram worth? ›

Micro-influencers (between 1,000 and 10,000 followers) make an average $1,420 per month.

Should I remove fake followers? ›

So, the main reasons you should delete fake followers with no regrets: They decrease your engagement rate. Brands don't like to work with influencers with high percent of bots. Bots are deleted by Instagram, so you'll have negative trend in your followers count history.

How can you tell if someone bought Twitter followers? ›

Fake followers often have an uneven follower-following ratio. They have low follower counts but they themselves follow multiple accounts. Look for followers with follower growth statistics. Inactive users are accounts that haven't posted a tweet in a really long while.

What happens when you get 10k Twitter followers? ›

Twitter is set to soon launch the Super Follows feature that will enable some users with at least 10,000 followers to charge for providing exclusive additional content like extra tweets, joining a community group or receiving a newsletter.

How do I stop dropping followers? ›

The fix: Engage more and create your own community

If you're losing Instagram followers because of low engagement, the answer is simple: Spend more time engaging. Reply to comments and DMs, and engage with content in hashtags and your Instagram feed.

How much money does 1 million Instagram followers make? ›

Micro-influencers (accounts with one thousand to ten thousand followers earn on average $1,420 per month, and mega-influencers (accounts with over one million followers) earn about $15,356 per month.

How can I gain followers in one day? ›

Try mentioning other users in posts, tagging other users, getting other users to mention you in their posts, getting other users to share your posts and to like them, things like that. That's probably your best bet. Thanks!

How can I boost my followers? ›

How can I increase my followers on Instagram?
  1. Use the right Instagram hashtags.
  2. Steal your competitors' followers.
  3. Use geotags on Instagram posts.
  4. Organize Stories into Highlights.
  5. Post user-generated content.
  6. Collaborate with other brands.
  7. Post at the best times.
  8. Use Instagram analytics tools.
22 Feb 2022

Is 1000 Twitter followers a lot? ›

You're in the 96th Percentile of Twitter Users. Numbers don't lie, and businesses with over 1,000 Twitter followers are making more of an impact than they might think.

How do you get 100 followers everyday? ›

Tips to Get 100 New Instagram Followers in 24 Hours
  1. Ask Your Family and Friends to Follow You. ...
  2. Follow Other Users and Engage With Them by Liking Their Photos. ...
  3. Use Relevant Hashtags. ...
  4. Write a Killer Bio and Share To Other Social Media Accounts. ...
  5. Post Consistently Using Your Unique Hashtag. ...
  6. Give People A Reason To Follow You.

Is it hard to get 1000 followers? ›

Reaching those first 1000 followers on any social media platform is usually the hardest part, since people pay less attention to small accounts.

Can you buy 500 followers? ›

You can buy real Instagram followers in a range of packages from 50 to 5,000. They don't require your account password, can deliver followers fast, and have 24/7 customer support. If you're unsure about Social-Viral you can check out their customer testimonials or contact their team to answer any questions you have.

How much do you get paid if you have 10000 followers? ›

A content creator on Instagram with 100,000 followers can earn about $200 per post, while someone with 10,000 followers can make about $88 per post. So, the formula is: more followers + more posts = more money.

How do I get more followers in 2022? ›

How to Get More Instagram Followers in 2022
  1. Curate your profile for a strong first impression.
  2. Tap into Instagram Reels.
  3. Optimize your post captions for search.
  4. Invest in your hashtag strategy.
  5. Host an Instagram giveaway.
  6. Partner with influencers and brands.
  7. Create highly-shareable content (including memes)
19 Nov 2021

Is 600 Twitter followers good? ›

Twitter says it decided on the 600 follower figure as being the minimum to gain access to Twitter Spaces based on its earlier testing. Accounts with 600 or more followers tend to have “a good experience” hosting live conversations because they have a larger existing audience who can tune in.

Does Twitter have a 20% rule? ›

In terms of Twitter, the rule of thumb here is that 80% of your posts should be content driven about trends or knowledge while 20% should be promotional about your company. (Of course, this varies based on your specific industry.)

How much is a Twitter account with 1000 followers worth? ›

As with any ad, this ranges based on how competitive your target audience is to reach. Generally speaking, anywhere from $1.50 - $2.50 is a good estimate, though we've seen it go as high as $4 per follower.

How can I get 5000 followers on Twitter? ›

How I got 5000 Twitter Followers, and you can get too
  1. #1 Define the target audience.
  2. #2 Follow back to retain right followers.
  3. #3 Start following (right) people to be followed back.
  4. #4 How to avoid hitting your head to Twitter's 5000 following limit.
  5. #5 Periodically Clean up your Following.
  6. #6 Finding more people to follow.
3 Mar 2017

How much does it cost to buy Twitter followers? ›

The cost to buy 1000 Twitter followers is $29 for 1000 real followers and $9 for 1000 fake followers. It's better to pay a higher price and buy 1000 genuine followers.

Does buying followers make real people follow? ›

Real users won't follow you.

Influencers and companies often buy followers to boost their credibility, thinking that users are more likely to follow an account with 20,000 followers than 200. But you're not fooling anyone, and the users you are hoping to attract will run the other way.

How much is a Twitter account with 1k followers? ›

On the cheap side, you can buy 1,000 Twitter followers for $14 on a site called InterTwitter; 5,000 followers cost $43; 100,000 cost $487.

How much is it to buy 10k followers? ›

For 10,000 followers you will have to pay $64.99 only. Our rates are the cheapest in the market. The IG followers we provide are all active, therefore, it is a safe deal for your IG account.

Do you get paid for 1000 followers on Twitter? ›

The best part about making money on Twitter is that you can have as little as 1000 followers to get paid. While having a lot of followers is a goal of many growing influencers, the key to making good money on Twitter is not the amount of followers you have, but how engaged they are.

Can you get verified if you bought followers? ›

You may think that artificially increasing your followers, may help you get Instagram verification, however, this isn't the case. Generally the followers you'll get by paying will be bots.

Will people notice if I buy followers? ›

If you're very hands-off with your account, you might not notice for quite a while. When it comes to buying fake followers, it's generally the fake accounts you're most likely to see. They might look fine at a glance, but they're generally easy to spot.

Do you lose bought followers? ›

You may lose the followers you purchased. Needless to say, depending on where you bought them from, this could be a potential financial disaster for your business. High-end providers of followers and auto likes charge premium prices, but they issue no refunds if something goes wrong on your end.

How do you spot with fake followers? ›

Brands can identify fake followers by looking out for: extreme engagement rates (very high or very low), spam comments and an uneven number of follower to following ratio. They can also use free tools to analyze influencer profiles and reveal the level of audience authenticity – but more on that later.

How much does it cost to buy followers? ›

Media Mister Cost: 5/5

If you go worldwide for your followers, you can buy Instagram followers cheap, paying $2 for 50, $3 for 100, $7 for 250, $12 for 500, $20 for 1,000, $49 for 2,500, $95 for 5,000, $189 for 10,000, $375 for 25,000, $749 for 50,000, $1,479 for 100,000, $3,599 for 250,000, and $6,999 for 500,000.

What is the best way to buy followers? ›

The 9 Best Sites To Buy Instagram Followers
  1. Twicsy. The top pick on our list is Twicsy. ...
  2. Buzzoid. Buzzoid made our list of the best sites to buy IG followers due to its reputation for being one of the few 100% real follower providers and its quality services. ...
  3. Rushmax. ...
  4. Thunderclap. ...
  5. Media Mister. ...
  6. Kicksta. ...
  7. Nitreo. ...
  8. Seek Socially.
7 Jul 2022

How can you tell if someone is buying likes? ›

You can do a quick assessment of their posts to see what sort of engagement they're getting on each - fake profiles are not going to interact with posts, so if they've got a crazy amount of page likes but are getting no action on their updates, they may have bought likes.


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